The Governors of Alvaston Junior Community School are delighted to have this opportunity to present our report on the school year ending August 2003.  The report has been prepared to give information to parents/carers of registered pupils at AJCS as required by Regulations issued in The Education (Governors' Annual Reports) (England) Regulations 1999, amended in August 2002.  Copies of the report have been sent to all parents/carers and those employed at the school.

The Governors would like to invite parents/carers to meet them at school on Thursday 25th September 2003 at 3pm to talk about this report and any part of their work and responsibilities to the school.



The table opposite gives each governor a "Status". This is what they mean:

  • Parent elected - parent governors are elected by and from the parents of registered pupils at the school

  • Local Education Authority (LEA) appointed- LEA governors are appointed by the local authority which maintains the school. The LEA is required to publish the process and criteria by which candidates will be identified

  • Teacher elected - teacher governors are elected by and from other members of the teaching staff

  • Staff elected - staff governors are elected by and from the non-teaching staff at the school

  • Headteacher - the Headteacher may choose whether or not to be a governor

  • Co-opted - these governors are appointed by other members of the governing body who themselves are not co-opted and should reflect the local business community


At the end of July 2003, A.J.C.S. had 17 Governors with vacancies for a further two. 

Chair of Governors
Mr Gary Mason
c/o Alvaston Junior Community School
Elvaston Lane
DE24 0PU 

Clerk to the Governors
Mr Andy Nickels
c/o Alvaston Junior Community School
Elvaston Lane
DE24 0PU

The other Governors are:

Mrs Pam Astle Staff elected Oct 2004
Mrs Liz Ellison Teacher elected May 2006
Mr Mike Greenfield  LEA appointed July 2006
Mrs Sam Hayward Parent elected May 2007
Mr Simon Hemmings LEA appointed July 2006
Mrs Jane Jacobs Parent elected Oct 2004
Mrs Viv Lawrence Teacher elected Oct 2004
Mr Paul Mellor  Co-opted  Sept 2005
Mrs Sue Penglase Headteacher
Mrs Bridget Poyser Co-opted  Oct 2004
Mrs Maureen Randall Co-opted  Oct 2004
Mrs Jane Rees Parent elected May 2007
Mr Simon Rushton Parent elected Oct 2004
Mr Bill Smith
(Vice Chair) 
LEA appointed Sept 2004
Mr Kevin Winson Parent elected May 2007

The main things that governors are involved in are:

  • Attending meetings of the full governing body which are held twice a term
  • Involvement in decision making - ranging from the colour of the school sweatshirt to the appointment of the Headteacher
  • Planning for all aspects of the school development and improvement - from the building maintenance programme to setting targets for children's achievement
  • Monitoring and evaluating previous plans to show that progress is being made
  • Acting as a champion for the school in the local community
    The governors work within a legal framework to carry out duties placed upon them. It is important for governors to understand the workings and ethos of the school and they have an important part to play in sharing knowledge of the local community with the staff.

The governors work within a legal framework to carry out duties placed upon them. It is important for governors to understand the workings and ethos of the school and they have an important part to play in sharing knowledge of the local community with the staff.
At Alvaston Junior Community School we are delighted to welcome three new parent governors who have recently joined us: Sam Hayward, Jane Rees and Kevin Winson


The school's mission statement

We are an inclusive school with high expectations of our community
Our aim is to provide a respectful, challenging and supportive environment enabling children to achieve the highest standards possible

"Together we can"

We provide a stimulating education and good social experiences for all the children in school. The National Curriculum is taught along with RE and Personal, Social and Health Education to develop positive social attitudes.
Alvaston Junior Community School is a large, busy and happy school and we set great store in maintaining that. Secure, happy children learn well and working together - school and home - means that all our children develop an enthusiasm for learning and good relationships with others.
The school's aims and beliefs
At Alvaston Junior Community School, we aim to:

  • Provide an atmosphere of mutual respect where there is a strong and consistent expectation of good behaviour
  • Enable each individual child to develop life-long skills and attitudes allowing them to reach their full potential
  • Provide an enriched curriculum within an inclusive learning community
  • Foster an environment which is secure, happy and where there is mutual trust, respect and honesty
  • Value contributions made by all individuals, promoting self esteem and enabling children to develop into respected members of society
  • Develop partnerships with parents/carers and other members of our community


2003/4 BBB BBB
Autumn Term 2003  Tuesday 2 September  Friday 24 October
BB Monday 3 November Friday 19 December
Spring Term 2004 Monday 5 January  Friday 13 February
BB Monday 23 February  Friday 2 April
Summer Term 2004 Wednesday 21 April  Friday 28 May
BB Monday 7 June  Wednesday 21 July
Bank Holidays: 25/26 December, 1 January 2005, Good Friday - 9 April, Easter Monday - 12 April, 3 May, 31 May, 30 August
Inset Days: Monday 1st September, Friday 14th November (provisional date), Monday 5th January 2004, Friday 19th March 2004, Friday 9th July 2004
2004/5B BBB B
Autumn Term 2004 Thursday 2 September Friday 22 October
BB Monday 1 November  Tuesday 21 December
Spring Term 2005 Wednesday 5 January  Friday 11 February
BB Monday 21 February  Thursday 24 March
Summer Term 2005 Monday 11 April  Friday 27 May
BB Monday 6 June  Friday 22 July
Bank Holidays: 27/28 December, 3 January 2005, Good Friday - 25 March, Easter Monday - 28 March, 2 May, 30 May, 29 August
Inset Days: To be confirmed.

Parents, Teachers and Friends Association 
Successful fundraising from our team of enthusiastic and hardworking P.T.F.A. members has included a Quiz Night, Barbeque, Bingo, Summer and Christmas Fayres, and Discos. The money raised has been used to enhance our school environment and children's learning through the purchase of Overhead Projectors, Blinds, Theatre Visits and Out Of Hours Clubs.
The governors would like to take this opportunity to send out a big thank you to members of the PTFA and everyone who has supported these events.
Parents and Friends of the school are always welcome to join the P.T.F.A. please contact the school office for details, our next meeting is 25th September 2003.
A range of tremendously successful sponsored events have taken place over the year to raise money for school trips and equipment.
We also support local and national charities and have raised money for the R.S.P.C.A., Action Research, Comic Relief, Poppy Appeal, National Children's Homes and Jeans for Genes.


In keeping with the ethos of mutual respect, 2002 saw the launch of the School Council, where pupil representatives, democratically elected from within each class have their say in improvements for the school. This has proved to be an exceptionally rewarding scheme both for the pupils and school staff. Numerous improvements to school life have been implemented as a direct result of requests from the Council.



The A.J.C.S. Plan has as its focus improved learning for the whole school community. This year we have:

  • introduced new assessment procedures
  • developed our planning and preparation for learning
  • established performance management cycle for teachers and support staff
  • prepared for the introduction of accelerated learning



Staff development is key in the success of the school as it supports the development of the school team working together to common goals.
The Performance Management cycle has been established so that teachers can identify areas of development for themselves that support the school's desire to raise standards and provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

Training attended and provided within school has included:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • ICT
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Drugs Education
  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy
  • Initial Teacher Training mentoring
  • P.E. & Games development
  • Health and Safety
  • Children Looked After
  • Assessment
  • Writing and Target Setting
  • Music

The school endeavours to provide a safe and secure environment for all pupils and staff. To this end it has regularly reviewed the security of all access and egress points within the school and has a single point of entry overseen by the Office staff. 

Visitors to school are reminded that there is a signing in and out book located immediately outside the Office, which should be completed on arrival and departure from the school. "Visitor" badges are located next to the book and should be used by all external visitors.

The Governors are pleased to report that the security fencing which now surrounds the school has led to a major reduction in out-of-hours vandalism.

Another significant achievement last year was the major reworking of the front parking area. The increased number of parking places combined with a "zebra" crossing and a more controlled flow of school taxis has significantly improved the safety and environment at the front of the school at busy times of the day.


In accordance with the Government's Code Of Practice, the school operates a Special Educational Needs policy, which is reviewed and updated annually. This covers all the statutory requirements and secures additional help for children identified as needing extra support in their daily lessons.

Children without Statements are given extra adult help by both teachers and Educational Care Officers (ECOs to change to be known as TAs, Teaching Assistants), are taught in smaller groups if required, and have access to special materials and equipment where needed.
Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) receive additional support from LEA Special Educational Needs Support Service (SENSS) teachers and the school SEN team, in response to their individual need. The team is lead by the Special Educational Needs 
Co-ordinator (SENCO), Mrs R. Summers. Those placed at the school under the enhanced resource provision receive additional teaching and ECO (TA) support, being taught core subjects in smaller groups where required, and receiving extra support in whole-class lessons.

Access for taxis collecting children from the school has been improved this year with the completion of the car parking facilities.

Recently, the school has introduced a new induction policy for children making the transition from infant schools in September 2003. The visits have included children from Year 5 in the SEN provision who have acted as mentors and helped to introduce the children to the school. This has been a very successful implementation and has received positive feedback.The school seeks to raise the achievement of ALL its pupils through the strengths of the SEN team. Parents are seen as vital to the progress of all children. They are actively encouraged to play a key role in supporting the programmes of children with SEN, so that they can reach their full potential.

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