Spring General School News
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Parents Open Evening

Thank you to all parents who took time to complete our questionnaire at Parents Evening. We have collated all your comments and will use them to help us put together next years line-up.

We value the opportunity to talk to all parents on these occasions and we hope to make that possible with the new programme. By planning a more flexible approach we hope to improve the numbers of parents attending. You may wish to know the numbers of parents who did attend, you can see this as a percentage below. We are hoping this will increase in the future so that we can work together in our childrens interest.

Year 3     64% of parents attended
Year 4     73% of parents attended
Year 5     69% of parents attended
Year 6     74% of parents attended

After School Clubs

This term we have run three after school clubs netball, art/craft and dance/drama. Next term there will be a new menu on offer and we hope that even more children will be involved.

As we have to cover the costs of the staff and materials we need a commitment from children to attend for all sessions offered during the term. A letter will be sent out to let you know what is on offer and we look forward to an enjoyable time. Please make sure however that children are able to promise to attend each week before taking up a place.

We continue to run a range of in school lunchtime clubs as well and are grateful for the personal time and dedication given by the staff who run them.



Painting Weekend!

Please help us to brighten up our learning environment by having a relaxing painting session at school with us.

All you need is a brush (a roller will do!).

A crche will be provided but it will be adults only painting!

Please join us the weekend of

26th JUNE 2004

Details nearer the time

School Uniform

Please remember shoes NOT trainers should be worn to school.

Many lost property items have been disposed of recently - we couldnt return them to children as they didnt have a name on.

Homework Diaries

We hope our new style homework diaries help you to know more about childrens learning. Please take time to discuss the new pages for childrens targets with them.

Head Lice
From time to time we have a problem with the dreaded headlice. As we all know the only way to combat the problem is for EVERYONE to regularly check and treat the problem if it present.

Only if EVERYONE does this do we stand a chance of keeping it at bay. We do not send letters out across school every time there is an outbreak as the expense does not show to have any benefit. In future however we will inform parents if a particular class seems to be visited.

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