Spring Features
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Easter Egg Competition

This year children will be invited to decorate an egg to be judged on Thursday 1st April. Prizes will be given for the most unique and imaginatively decorated egg.

We will be sending out information prior to the competition, but would you please make sure all eggs are hard boiled before they are decorated!



P.T.F.A. News

Firstly, it is with regret that the PTFA have to say goodbye to Mr Steve Mitchell as Chairman, he will be missed but has carried out his role superbly for the last 18 months.

Now to the really bad news!! (well for those who know me anyway), I am Mrs Angela Molloy and have been elected (bullied in the greatest degree) to replace Steve. However, I take my responsibilities seriously and really enjoy having fun. So for all you fun loving mums and dads out there we are planning lots of wonderful and exciting events in the coming months, therefore I am expecting you all to join me and the rest of the PTFA in supporting these functions, hopefully ensuring our childrens future education and comforts are bettered along the way.

For those of you who do not know, the PTFA are a group of Teachers, Parents and Volunteers who give just a little bit of their time to help fund raising, socialising, having lots of fun with a little bit of effort thrown in. We are not about making people give up lots of time as we all appreciate families, work and day to day living takes up most of it already, we are just asking for a little time when it comes to barbeques, discos, bingo we all have a talent and we would love it if you could volunteer yours. It would be lovely if you could attend the odd meeting or two. However if a little time is all you have then just let us know which events you would be happy to help with,


Look forward to meeting you soon
Angela Molloy

Year 6 at 'Making It'

Y6 have been taken to Making It on Wednesday 10th March as part of their science lesson.

Once we arrived at Making It we were sorted into our groups and then got started on our models. The choice of models were clothing bug, live wire challenge, ball launcher and a boat.

By the time we had finished making our models it was lunchtime. We all sat in a hall and while we were eating our lunch some people went to the shop.

The shop had a small range of gifts and sweets. By the time everyone had been to the shop it was time to go in the galleries.

First we had to go upstairs and work our way down. On the top floor was a room teaching us all about the brain. There was also a machine which we had to try and make our own drink which the machine liked.

Then we went to a room which had lots of things you had to feel and guess what it was. There were also some things which you had to trace. In the next room was a barcode game which you had to try and match.

I On the last floor were lots of machines which we had to try and solve things on. Then when we had finished it was time to go.

It was a busy and enjoyable day and at the end of the day the manager commented on our good behaviour and tidiness.
By Emma & Kelsey

School Council News

Our new school council consists of twenty four members-two from each class. These representatives are Ben  and Emma C4Y6, Ben  and Chelsea C12Y6, George and Rebekah  C11Y6, Robert and Jordan C1Y5, Sam and Ruth C2Y5, Joseph  and Lucy C3Y5, Rhys  and Chantelle C8Y4, Thomas and Hannah C9Y4, Thomas  and Hollie C10Y4, Joel and Robyn C5Y3, Benjamin and Lauren C6Y3 and Conner  and Rebecca C7Y3.

We have just received the results of key roles: Chairperson-Ben , Vice Chair-Joel , Secretary-Rebekah  and Treasurer-Ruth.

In the council we have been discussing the banning of collectable cards, but we are well on the way to getting a card club, the toilet door locks, we are soon to be having new locks in the boys toilets mainly, we have also decided to move the dinner trolleys from next to the radiator to the opposite side of the corridor as the lunches were going warm because of the radiator. One more important issue is that if you misbehave in the dinner line you will get a detention mark and will go down for a late dinner.

If your children have any issues that need to be brought up in the council please will they speak to their new school reps (listed above).
By Ben Chairperson

Year 4 news

Year 4 have welcomed Mr Graham into the team and Im sure hes appreciated how welcome the children have made him feel. We all look forward to the rest of our time with him either in his class or Numeracy group, or just a friendly cheerful face at our end of school.

Weve been busy this term so far finding out about life in India and have been able to link this to our work on Sikhism.

Were also enjoying learning the skills to make pop-up models. We shall put these into practice making a book to tell a story.

Well done to all who dressed up on World Book Day. We still have a little piece of Hogwarts someone has forgotten to take home.

Our volleyball skills are improving and its making us puff and pant which has to be good for us.

My personal highlight was watching the Year 4 children perform their shadow puppet versions of Peter and the Wolf.
Mrs Lawrence Year 4 Team Leader

Opus Music Club

Year 5 and 6 children have been given an opportunity to work with professional musicians making and creating their own music.

We are looking forward to a performance at the end of term.

Gardening Club

We all have noticed how healthier, happier and beautiful our flowers and plants are looking around school.

If you come into school at lunchtime you'll soon see the reason why. A group of dedicated and hardworking people under Mrs Parsloe's watchful eye are making our school an extra special place to be. A huge thank- you to you all.

The Romans Came To Year 3

First the Roman showed us his tools. He had wine that he drunk. He also had a sword. It was very sharp. He had a dagger that was sharp as well. He had a very big horn. When he blew it, it was loud. Next, we went outside and he taught us how to march. We had our shields. We enjoyed the visit from the Roman soldier.
Matthew Class 5
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